Pay DTS Debts using

DTS users who received a debt notification may now make payments online at using the Defense Travel System Debt Notification Payment form.

Defense Travel System

In the Defense Travel System, or DTS, users can search for airline, hotel, and rental car reservations, check per diem rates, and prepare personal travel documents or, with the proper permissions, documents for others. Travelers can also use DTS to manage their personal profile and travel preferences, prepare local travel vouchers, input and digitally sign actual trip information, or determine the status of an authorization or voucher at any time.

The Defense Travel Management Office provides functional oversight of DTS, while the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Program Management Office DTS (PMO-DTS) provides program oversight, including acquisition, technical, operation and maintenance [PDF, 2 pages].


In accordance with DoD Instruction 5154.31, Volume 3 [PDF, 8 pages], DTS should be used for Temporary Duty Travel (TDY). The DTS Regulations outlines user responsibilities, types of official travel documents created in DTS, financial aspects of DTS, and required training for each user role.

DTS Access

DoD travelers are required to use DTS for some, but not all, types and circumstances of travel [PDF, 5 pages]. Service Members and DoD civilian employees, as well as their dependents and invitational travelers, may use DTS for local and TDY, or government-funded leave. DTS does not typically support Permanent Duty Travel. Most government contractors and nonappropriated funds government employees are prohibited from accessing DTS.

First-time Users

Before you can access DTS, you'll need to ensure your web browser is fully compatible, obtain a digital PKI certificate and contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) to set up an account.

Profile Types & User Roles

DTS users are assigned either a "user profile" or a "user/traveler profile" based on their requirement to perform official travel for DoD. Each profile is also associated with a particular user role. More information on user roles and their responsibilities can be found in Chapter 3 of the Defense Travel Administrator Manual [PDF, 11 pages].


Training on DTS is offered through TraX. To access TraX, register through Passport, DTMO's web portal. PDF reference materials, including a variety of trifolds, information papers, guides, and manuals are also available for download.

DTS Practice Environment

The Defense Travel Management Office manages a safe environment for users to practice DTS operations, known as the Enterprise Web Training System (EWTS). Instructors, Defense Travel Administrators, and travel managers may utilize this tool to provide hands-on training to new users.