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Bypass the Counter & Earn Rewards

The U.S. Government Frequent Renter Program let's you skip the wait at select locations and earn rewards toward your next rental.

Rental Car Program

The U.S. Government Rental Car Program offers reduced rates and special benefits when renting cars, passenger vans, or small pick-up trucks through a variety of approved rental car companies. The program is open to federal government employees and service members traveling on official business and is administered through the U.S. Rental Car Agreement #4 [PDF, 45 pages] which outlines:

Benefits. If the size/class vehicle that you reserved is not available, the rental company must offer an upgraded vehicle at the same rate. The rental contract must be ready upon arrival. There are no blackout dates or minimum rental periods and unlimited mileage (except for one-way rentals [PDF, 2 pages]). Rates can vary but may not exceed established ceiling rates.

No Additional Fees. There are no additional cost for additional authorized drivers or drivers under the age of 25.

Included Insurance under GARS. When “GARS” is listed on the rental contract, travelers receive Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)/Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplemental Liability insurance at no additional cost. All other insurance coverage should be declined. Liability coverage for personal injury, wrongful death and property damage is set at the following limits: $25,000 for property damage, $100,000 per person, $300,000 for all persons, per incident.

For more information on the program, watch the Defense Travel Spotlight on Rental Car [].


DoD travelers: The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) [PDF] para. 020209 authorizes reimbursement of rental vehicle expenses and fees. Per the JTR, a compact vehicle is the standard size for official travel, but the Authorizing Official may authorize or approve a larger vehicle if the traveler meets certain requirements.

Non-DoD federal travelers: Refer to the Federal Travel Regulation and your Agency guidance for policy related to rental vehicles.

  • Book the Government Rate. Book the government rate at a participating location by reserving a car through your Agency’s travel system or a government-contracted Travel Management Company. You may also obtain rates directly through a participating rental car company website, toll free numbers, or walk-up services, however, you must ensure that you are booking the government rate and “Government Administrative Rate Supplement” is listed on the contract. Rates will not exceed U.S. Rental Car Ceiling Rates [PDF, 3 pages].
  • Present Proof of Official Travel Status. Present your travel authorization/orders, a Government ID, or a Government Travel Charge Card to validate official travel status.
  • Look for the GARS fee on rental contract. Confirm that the “Government Administrative Rate Supplement” or “GARS,” a $5 per day fee, is listed on the rental contract at the time of pick-up and will be charged during use of the rental vehicle. This ensures that you are renting through the Program and are eligible for program benefits, including insurance. The GARS fee is intended to cover those costs incurred by the rental car company that are peculiar to doing business with the government.

If you've been in an accident, make sure you've done the following:

  1. Obtain a Police Report

    Notify the police and attempt to obtain a police report. If unavailable, complete a Vehicle Incident Report with the rental car company that includes a description of the accident and the contact information for all parties involved, including the name of the rental car company representative who assisted you.

  2. Contact your Rental Car Company Directly

    Before submitting a request for assistance, report the problem or accident and keep a record of who you spoke with, what number you called, and the date and time.

  3. Notify your Organization

    Contact your authorizing official, supervisor, commander, or your legal or claims office to report the issue.

  4. Notify Us

    Requires login to the Passport portal. If you are new to Passport, you will need to create an account and register with a CAC or PIV.

    Collect the required documents, upload them to the Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool [Passport login required], and record your case number. An action officer will follow up with you.

If “GARS” is listed on your rental contract, you are covered in an accident unless the vehicle was used in an unauthorized manner. See the U.S. Government Rental Car Agreement [PDF, 45 pages] for a list of 12 exceptions that void the terms of the Agreement.

The Defense Travel Management Office supports federal travelers with rental vehicle customer service matters and in the event of an accident. Login to Passport (new users will need to create an account and register with a CAC or PIV) to use the Rental Vehicle Assistance Tool to report accidents, loss or damage, or overcharges.

The Tool should NOT be used to file a claim against the government either by a third party, or by the rental agency. All renters should first attempt to resolve issues directly with the rental company. Find the U.S. Government point of contact for your rental company or leave other feedback on a rental experience.