DoD Financial Management Regulation Changes

Changes to the DoD Financial Management Regulation (FMR) are published biennially, or as needed by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). Below are changes to the FMR affecting allowances that have been approved, but are still pending publication in the FMR.

TitleDescriptionEffective Date
AD 001-22 - Clarify Housing Allowances for Members Without Dependents - Election not to Reside in Government QuartersClarifies that: (1.) members in pay grade E-6 or above must make their election not to reside in Government quarters aboard ship while the ship and/or the member is/are at the homeport or in a maintenance period; (2.) housing must be maintained at the homeport during periods of deployment for housing allowances to continue; and (3.) an approved election from the prior permanent duty station (PDS) may continue if reporting to a deployed vessel with the same homeport as the last PDS/homeport.3/31/2022
AD 002-22 - Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Entitlement when the Purchase Price is ZeroRemoves contradictory language in Table 26-1, Item #6 that indicates that there is no entitlement to OHA if a residence is inherited or the purchase price of the residence is ‘zero’.4/6/2022
AD 004-22 - Clarify Housing Allowances Without Dependents - Election not to Reside in Government QuartersThis is a companion change to AD 001-22, which clarifies that members in pay grade E-6 or above must make their election not to reside in Government quarters aboard ship while the ship is in homeport or under overhaul. This item adds specific language to address a delay in the ships arrival at the new homeport.8/16/2022
AD 007-22 Clarify Cost-of-Living Allowance outside the Continental U.S. Entitlement for Deferred TravelDoD FMR, Volume 7A, Chapter 68, par., currently indicates deferred (non-concurrent) travel of dependents may be based solely on housing availability, and does not take into account other reasons caused by the Government that may cause dependent travel to be deferred. This memo clarifies that deferred travel of dependents may be based on other reasons than housing availability for OCONUS COLA.12/6/2022
AD 005-22 Move-in Housing Allowance - Safety (DoD FMR, Volume 7A, Chapter 26, par. 6.5)Established a MIHA Safety reimbursement under certain circumstances for personnel serving with the Department of State under Chief of Mission Orders.6/2/2023
AD 003-23 – Clarification of Move-in Housing Allowance (MIHA)/Rent Eligible ExpensesRemoves language in Table 26-23, Item #2 that specifies a '…real estate agent fee, redecoration fee if paid up-front, or a one-time lease tax' may not be claimed for MIHA/Rent expenses if deferred until lease termination.8/14/2023
AD 002-23 – Treatment of Certain Moves as not being Considered Reassignments (Chapter 26, pars. 10.1.8 and the Secretary concerned to waive the requirement to change the housing allowance for a Service member without dependents from the old permanent duty station (PDS) rate to the new PDS rate when undergoing a homeport change or unit relocation.2/7/2024
AD 001-23 – BAH Continuation Upon the Death of a Sole Dependent (Chapter 26, par. 10.14)Authorizes the member to continue to receive the housing allowance at the rate in effect on the date of the dependent’s death for up to 365 days, provided the dependent lived with the member or was authorized to live separately under certain circumstances, and the member did not occupy a government housing facility on the date of death.2/7/2024
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