Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions

Due to a worldwide software issue affecting travel and other systems, travelers may experience travel disruptions. Travel Management Companies, airlines and other travel providers may also be experiencing systems outages. Please see the traveler disruption page for guidance.

Local Level Travel Assistance

Local level support is usually provided by a site's Lead Defense Travel Administrator or other personnel with in-depth knowledge of DTS and DoD travel. Their guidance is based on the local business rules governing your organization.

Turn to local level support first, before reaching out the Travel Assistance Center (TAC). If the local help desk cannot resolve your issue, they may elevate it to the TAC. Note that some organizations allow only help desk personnel to contact the TAC.

Before reaching out to your local help desk, make sure your question hasn't already been addressed by the Frequently Asked Questions in TraX [login required] or training resources. You may also try consulting your Authorizing Official or a Defense Travel Administrator for a resolution.

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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
Acquisition & Sustainment703-697-2525  
Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L)703-697-2321  
AFIS HQ703-428-0267  
Chemical Material Agency - Aberdeen Proving Ground (Edgewood Area)410-436-7308  
Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (OSD/CAPE)703-614-3463  
DCMA | AIMO Command904-810-4478  
DCMA | Central Region224-625-8900  
DCMA | Cost & Pricing804-609-4363  
DCMA | DCMA HQ804-609-4395  
DCMA | Eastern Region407-228-5234  
DCMA | International804-609-4874  
DCMA | IT804-609-4399  
DCMA | Special Programs804-609-4624  
DCMA | Western Region310-900-6169  
DeCA Europe49-0631-3523-250/236 DSN 489-7427  
Defense Acquisition University (DAU)703-919-0629  
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)703-526-4730  
Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS)703-696-6856 DSN 426 Fort George G. Meade, MD
Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)804-734-8000 VA
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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
101 ARW207-404-7432 Bangor ANGB
101st Air Refueling Wing, Bangor ANGB, ME207-404-7290  
102nd Intel Wing Otis ANGB508-968-4138/DSN: 557 MA
103 Air Wing, Bradley CT ANG860-292-2491 CT
104th Comptroller Flight/Barnes ANG Base413-568-9151  
104th FW Comptroller Flight | Debt Management Montior698-1264 Westfield, MA
105 AW - Stewart ANG845-563-2800  
106 RQW631-723-7459  
107th Attack Wing (DFXANGNY107AR)716-236-3455  
108 WG CPTF609-754-4178 JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (Burlington County), NJ
109th Airlift Wing CPTF518-344-2220 Scotia, New York
10TH AF - 310 SW LDTA719-567-4699  
110 WG Battle Creek269-969-3316 Battle Creek, MI
111th Comptroller Flight215-323-7756  
114th FW307-772-6793 Sioux Falls, SD
115th FW, ANG (DFXANGWI115FW)608-245-4440 DSN 724  
117th ARW Birmingham ANG - DFXANGAL117AR205-714-2225 Birmingham, AL
118th Airlift Wing (DFXANGTN118AW)615-660-8017 DSN 844 Nashville, TN
119 Wing (DFXANGND119FW)701-451-2314/DSN 362 Fargo, ND
120 AW/MT ANG (DFXANGMTANG)406-791-0260  
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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
1/25TH SBCT907-353-6707  
102D DIV (MS)573-563-4810  
103rd ESC515-362-3692 Des Moines, IA
103rd ESC | 206th RSG217-529-8570 x222  
103rd ESC | 644th RSG612-713-7710/8819  
103rd ESC | 645 RSG719-366-4420 Ann Arbor, MI
103rd ESC | 646th RSG608-301-8501  
103rd ESC | 649th RSG719-366-8771 Cedar Rapids, IA
103rd ESC | Debt Management Monitor719-366-5683 Des Moines, IA
108th TC (IET) | 104TH Training Division (LT)253-968-7942  
108th TC (IET) | 95TH Training Division580-442-2774/2759  
108th TC (IET) | 98TH Training Division706-626-3138  
108th Training Command (IET)910-656-5598/5600/5597/5596/5595/5470  
108th Training Command (IET) | 104th Training Division (LT)253-968-7942  
108th Training Command (IET) | 98th Training Division (IET)706-626-3138  
10th Special Forces Group (Airborne)719-524-1842  
1-10th Special Forces Group (A)431-431-2642  
1173rd DDSB508-895-8879  
1186th DDSB / 1189th TB904-726-6108  
1188th DDSB/1189th TSB404-286-3233  
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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
DTMO571-372-1300 Alexandria, VA
HQ SOCEUR324-379-4814  
HQ US European CommandDSN: 324-412-0339  
Inter-American Defense Board/College202-314-2839  
Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)703-695-1789 DSN 225 Washington, D.C.
Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)703-604-2967 DSN 664  
Joint Ineroperability Test Command520-533-8221  
Joint Intelligence Operations Center Europe (JIOCEUR), RAF MolesworthDSN 314-268-2978/COMM 011-44-1480-842978  
Joint Interagency Task Force - West808-477-9799 Camp H.M. Smith, HI
Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO)703-681-9671/5193 DSN 761  
Joint Program Manager Guardian (JPMG)703-681-7773/8401  
NORAD/USNORTHCOM719-554-6359 DSN 692  
Norfolk Naval Station757-836-9257 Norfolk, VA
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)011-49-6202-80-5407 DSN 314-379-5407/011-49-6202-80-5387 DSN 314-379-5387  
Strategic Communications Wing One (USSTRATCOM)405-739-3044  
United States African Command (AFRICOM)DSN 324-591-8310 Kelley Barracks (Stuttgart), GE
United States African Command (AFRICOM) | Kelley Barracks+49 0711-7081-8038  
United States Central Command813-529-8092  
United States Cyber Command (J2)410-854-5212  
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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
1st MCD  Garden City, NY
1st MCD | Debt Management Monitor843-228-3491  
3D Marine Aircraft Wing (3DMAW), MAG-13 Sqdns928-269-3043  
4th MCD717-836-1066 New Cumberland, PA
4th MCD | Debt Management Monitor717-770-2761  
6th MCD  Parris Island, SC
6th MCD | Debt Management Monitor843-228-3527 Beaufort, SC
8th MCD  Fort Worth, TX
8th MCD | Debt Management Monitor817-782-6774  
8th MCD | Prior Service Recruiting817-738-6260  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Albuquerque505-878-6491  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Dallas214-431-0313  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Denver303-832-3011  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Fort Worth817-303-6284  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Houston713-830-7800  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Phoenix602-584-4570  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station Salt Lake City801-954-0419  
8th MCD | Recruiting Station San Antonio210-910-6947  
9th Marine Corps District847-887-8309 Kansas City, MO
9th Marine Corps District | Debt Management Monitor816-843-3946  
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Site NamePhoneEmailLocation
1ST MLG   
1ST MLG | 1ST MEDLOG760-763-1551  
Afloat Training Group401-841-8471 Mayport, FL
Afoat Training Group757-444-6448 Norfolk, VA
AIMD315-226-5707 Misawa, JA
AIR WING NINE | VFA-151559-998-2222 Newport, VA
Ambulatory Care Center207-438-2345 Portsmouth, VA
Ambulatory Care Center703-692-4890 Washington, DC
Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Management and Comptroller)757-887-4960 Yorktown, VA
Atlantic Ordnance Command757-887-4960 Jacksonville, FL
Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Dept.904-270-6100 Ext. 104 Mayport, FL
Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Dept.904-542-3526 Ext. 228 Jacksonville, FL
Aviation Support Department904-270-6184 Ext. 301 or 904-270-6366 Ext. 113 Mayport, FL
Aviation Support Department904-542-4924  
Aviation Support Detachment888-435-7146  
Aviation Survival Training Center850-452-2118 Camp Pendleton, CA
Bethesda Medical Inspector General202-762-3193 Bethesda, MD
Bethesda NEHC Detachment301-295-0142 Bethesda, MD
Board of Inspection and Survey757-462-7325 Ext. 3034 Norfolk, VA
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery703-681-9338 Washington, DC
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