Overseas COLA Tables

Overseas COLA is not a fixed amount. The Department implements OCOLA decreases effective May 16 and November 16. Rate reductions based on the annual cost-of-living assessment (greater than 2 index points) will be implemented in 50% increments while OCOLA decreases based on currency fluctuations will be implemented in full each cycle. OCOLA increases will continue to be implemented when warranted during the year. COLA adjustments become final following review and approval by the Service Compensation Representatives of the eight Unformed Services.

Use the archive tools below to find historical Overseas COLA information.

Indices alphabetically list all OCONUS areas with authorized COLAs for the period selected.

Overseas COLA pay tables are updated by calendar year and published on January 1.
Overseas COLA spendable income tables are now updated by calendar year and published on January 1.

The 2024 Spendable income table has not been approved by leadership.  Use the 2023 table until 2024 is approved.