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Airfare Types


City Pair Program (CPP) airfares are coach tickets at a significantly discounted rate from comparable commercial fares and provide the most flexibility. It is a mandatory, government-wide program requiring travelers on official business to use these fares when they are available. Benefits of the CPP include:

  • Easily plan travel to multiple destinations, thanks to one-way route pricing
  • No advance purchase or minimum/maximum length of stay required
  • Fully refundable tickets with no cancellation or change fees
  • No blackout periods
  • Last seat and dual fares availability [YCA and _CA fares in selected markets]
  • Stable pricing enabling easier travel budgeting

Restricted Fares

In the event a GSA CPP or coach fare is not available, a Restricted Fare may be authorized, when the cost savings outweigh any risk of the trip cancellation or itinerary change. Restricted fare use is obtained on a case-by-case basis. Blanket authorization and justification for use of restricted fares is prohibited. Authorizing Officials can use the Restricted Air Checklist [PDF, 2 pages] to assist with determining the feasibility and approval of Restricted Fares. Typically, restricted airfares require approval and e-ticket processing within 24 hours of making the reservation, are not transferable if cancelled, and can have specific requirements on when or whether a cancelled ticket can be rebooked. Failure to cancel a Restricted Fare ticket prior to the airline’s scheduled departure time may forfeit all of the fare paid for future rebooking.

If a Restricted Fare is approved, the funding command accepts responsibility for the airfare, should the trip be changed or cancelled for any official reason. The traveler must contact the TMC to have the e-ticket processed using a Government Travel Charge Card; DTS does not do this automatically upon approval from the Approving Official. Restricted airfares may not be purchased through any online booking services other than the Defense Travel System.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy Class is a class of airline accommodation that is lower than both first class and business class, but higher than coach class in terms of cost and amenities. Airlines are constantly updating their offerings; however, for the purposes of regulations, premium economy class is considered a separate, higher class of accommodation from coach class and is not considered a coach class seating upgrade.

Premium Class

First-class, business-class, or travel in any class Other-Than-Economy/Coach Class at government expense is permitted only as an exception and must be authorized in advance of travel. When extenuating circumstances or emergency situations prevent advance authorization, a traveler must still obtain authorization prior to filing a traveler voucher. Failure to receive approval may result in a traveler being financially responsible for the difference in cost over the lowest full refundable coach fare.

For more information and help determining if a traveler is eligible for premium airfare consult:

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