Upcoming Distance Learning Sessions

  • Enterprise Web Training System (D205)
  • Travel Policy Compliance Tool Admin (P300)


eLearning includes web-based and distance learning courses accessible through TraX, DTMO's training application inside Passport. To access TraX, you must have a Passport account. Passport is the single sign-on portal to permission-based applications related to DoD commercial travel.

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Web-based courses are self-paced and on-demand.

Distance learning classes are live, instructor-led training taught online.

To Access eLearning in TraX

  1. Sign in to Passport

    New users may register using an email address or a common access card (CAC). After submitting your registration, watch your email for confirmation that your account has been created and/or additional steps.

  2. Select TraX from the Passport Homepage

    Passport users should see a minimum of three options from the homepage: My Profile, Subscriptions, and TraX. Additional options may appear based on your account's permissions.

  3. Select Training from the Menu

    Choose from available, scheduled, or completed courses.

Training Recommended by Role

By default, the Available Training screen shows 'Recommended Only' training options, which are determined by the selections under 'My Roles.' If the class you're looking for doesn’t appear in the inventory, or if this is your first time in the Training module, navigate to 'My Roles' and check the boxes next to the roles specific to your position or desired training. At a minimum, you should select ‘DoD Travel System User'; Select 'Update Roles' to save changes.

Find and Launch Courses

If you know the specific class name, you can use the Keyword Search feature to locate available training quickly. Click the red information icon next to 'Launch' (for self-paced training) or 'Schedule' (for instructor-led training) for an overview of class content, estimated course length, and the user roles for which it is recommended.

By default, classes are sorted by name. You can change this by selecting a new column heading (e.g., Class Name). Note, search results may be several pages long and you may need to navigate to a second page of results to find a specific class. To view the classes in a continuous list you can select Export to Excel, Export to PDF, or Print Classes.

To join your scheduled distance learning course, go to 'Scheduled' training and click 'Launch.' The classroom becomes available approximately half an hour before the scheduled start time.

Print Certificates

Under 'Completed Training' you'll find a transcript of all completed web-based and distance learning courses and certificates of completion. If a certificate does not appear, contact the TAC through Live Chat or create a help ticket. Include in your ticket the full class title, the date the class was completed, and the email address associated with your TraX account. Once processed, the certificate should post to your TraX account within a few days.

Other Resources

Inside TraX, you'll also find FAQs, Travel Assistance, a Trip Calculator, and Quick Tools.

Use the Knowledge Search to find hundreds of answers to frequently asked questions and step-by-step guides to common processes. You can rate FAQ responses and sign up to be notified when answers are updated.

If you are unable to find an answer in the FAQs, go to Travel Assistance to submit a help ticket directly to the Travel Assistance Center. You can also view a record of your support tickets and their status.

The trip calculator and quick tools allow you to calculate a trip estimate that includes daily per diem, download location reports that cover travel advisories, health and safety considerations, embassy phone numbers, and weather forecasts, and more.