Constructed Travel

Constructed travel is used to compare travel costs when a traveler requests approval to use a transportation mode other than the one directed by the Authorizing Official.

Pre-Travel Worksheet [ZIP]

The Pre-Travel Worksheet provides your Authorizing Official (AO) with cost comparison information when creating your DTS authorization. Unless your business rules dictate otherwise, this worksheet is required for en-route transportation mode(s) other than Commercial Air or Government transportation. Your AO will determine whether the travel mode(s) is authorized and if you will be subjected to a limited reimbursement.

Refer to the Pre-Travel Worksheet Guide [PDF, 12 pages] for instructions on how to complete this worksheet.

Post-Travel Worksheet [ZIP]

Use the Post-Travel Worksheet if you completed travel using an en-route transportation mode(s) that was not approved by the AO on your authorization. Your AO will determine whether the change in transportation mode(s) was the best way for travel to be performed or whether your reimbursement for transportation-related expenses will be limited to the originally authorized mode(s).

Refer to the Post-Travel Worksheet Guide [PDF, 10 pages] for instructions.

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