Help with Constructed Travel

  • Constructed Travel [TraX login required]: This 45-minute web-based training explains the correct way to submit a request, how to prepare a cost comparison using a Constructed Travel Worksheet, and how using constructed travel may affect trip allowances.
  • Computation Example [PDF, 1 page]: Demonstrates how to calculate constructed travel costs using City Pair Program Fares.

Effective April 1, 2024, the Pre-Travel and Post-Travel Constructed Travel Worksheets have been consolidated into a single document.

Constructed Travel

The Constructed Travel Worksheet is used to compare costs between travel modes. Once completed and uploaded in DTS, an Authorizing Official (AO) uses information from the worksheet to determine the authorized travel mode and establish any limits on reimbursement. The same worksheet is used for pre-travel and post-travel constructed comparisons.

Unless your business rules dictate otherwise, this worksheet is required for en-route transportation mode(s) other than Commercial Air or Government transportation.