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Citi’s Client Services lines are dedicated solely to supporting APCs and are available Monday – Saturday from 7:00AM - 9:00PM EST.

For assistance call:
866-670-6462 (toll-free)
757-853-2467 (outside U.S.)

Reduce Travel Card Delinquencies

Find important guidance on reducing travel card delinquencies to ensure traveler compliance with policy.

Program Management

Agency Program Coordinators, or APCs, manage day-to-day operations of the travel card program for an organization and serve as the primary liaisons between the travel cardholder and the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) vendor. APCs are designated in writing by their organization’s Commander or Director and receive their GTCC Program guidance from their Component Program Manager (CPM).

APCs also collect required cardholder documentation prior to card issuance (i.e. signed application [, PDF, 6 pages], Statement of Understanding [PDF, 1 page], and Travel Card 101 certificate of completion). Section 0411 of the GTCC Regulations [PDF, 46 pages] further describes APC duties. APCs should refer to the APC Guide [PDF, 45 pages] for a general overview and guidance on processes and procedures related to successful execution and daily operations of their Organization’s travel card program.

APCs and CPMs alike can stay on top of the latest GTCC initiatives, training, and best practices by subscribing to the APC Toolkit RSS Feed. Subscribers receive advice on improving program management, policy compliance, and responsiveness to cardholder concerns delivered straight to their inbox or RSS reader.

APCs are responsible for:

  • Collecting required cardholder documentation prior to card issuance (i.e. signed application [, PDF, 6 pages], Statement of Understanding [PDF, 1 page], and Travel Card 101 [requires login] certificate of completion) and processing applications
  • Reporting and conducting periodic reviews for potential card misuse/abuse, spend maximization, delinquency, card status, credit limits, etc.
  • Adjusting the credit limits of Individual Billed Accounts (IBAs) to meet mission needs and placing IBAs in PCS/Mission Critical Status, when applicable
  • Ensuring cardholder’s point of contact information is current with Citi
  • Working with local Defense Travel Administrators to ensure GTCC information is accurate in cardholder profiles
  • Maintaining hierarchy structure and detailed listing of cardholder accounts

For more information on these duties, see section 0411 of the GTCC Regulations [PDF, 46 pages] or refer to the APC Guide [PDF, 45 pages].

Program Management Training

Mandatory Travel Card Program Management Training for APCs [login required] is required for APCs when first appointed and again every three years to retain their completion certificate. Find it in TraX, DTMO's web portal.

CitiManager Training

Citi also offers instructor-led training and online training to support APCs [] in the use of the travel card vendor’s online tools. Online training includes web-based training modules, instructional guides, and webinars, including:

  • CitiManager Basic - Introduces you to the core functionalities related to your role as an APC. Some topics included are searching for card accounts, account maintenance, and creating a new user profile.
  • CitiManager Basic Reporting - Highlights the core monthly DoD reports and teaches you how to edit and maintain them using reporting features.
  • Applications and How They Are Processed - Provides a detailed look at the individual online application, how the status of each can be reviewed, and how to view the details of each request.

Register for training on these tools in Citi’s training environment, known as the Learning Center (login to CitiManager [], then select Learning System Web Tools). Instructor-led training is available at no cost for organizations with a minimum of 20 training participants. A training request form [] can be found in Citi’s Learning Center. Citi also offers day-long hands-on training from a Citi instructor for APC classes of up to 20 participants in Washington, DC, Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, DE, Jacksonville, FL, and O’Fallon, MO.

Training for HL2 and HL3 APCs

Visa® IntelliLink helps Agency Program Coordinators identify transactions that are potentially out of compliance with DoD travel card policy by providing a predictive analytics score on all cardholder transactions. This tool is the DoD’s system of record for misuse activity and assists HL2 and HL3 program managers and agency program coordinators in keeping records and categorizing transactions as valid or misuse.

Training for IntelliLink can be found in the Citi Learning Center and is recommended for HL2 and designated HL3 APCs who currently use IntelliLink or for those APCs who are designated to use IntelliLink on behalf of a Major Command.


CitiManager offers tools to help APCs better manage the GTCC program, including:

  • Manage Users: View card accounts, view and download statements, and perform account maintenance
  • Manage Card Program: Create new account applications, run reports, submit bulk online applications, and maintenance
  • Web Tools: Citi Custom Reporting System, Citi Card Management System, Learning Center

Detailed step-by-step instructions for CitiManager Site functions can be found in the CitiManager Site User Guide [PDF, 53 pages].

All APCs have a duty and regulatory requirement to monitor and report travel card misuse. The Citi Reporting Tool allows APCs to pull reports on a cardholder's Weekend and Non-Travel Related Activity, and sort and filter for questionable transactions in the Account Activity Text Report. APCs below the HL3 level must report all misuse activity to the HL3 level for those cases of misuse to be captured in Visa® IntelliLink.

Misuse Reporting for HL2 and HL3 APCs

Visa® IntelliLink is a web-based tool that uses self-learning algorithms to provide the DoD with automated compliance analysis of all travel card spend to identify potential misuse and policy violations. Each transaction is attributed a predictor score based on actual situational factors and historical data comparisons of similar transactions with a higher score indicating increased potential policy compliance concerns. Additionally, IntelliLink provides comprehensive access to cardholder transaction activity and spending patterns.

IntelliLink Compliance Module

The Compliance Module is a record keeping tool that includes automated data gathering on questionable transactions, collaboration functionality to facilitate follow up inquiries to verify transaction validity, oversight escalation and disposition documentation. Use of IntelliLink is mandatory at hierarchy levels two and three, while also highly encouraged at hierarchy level four and below.

On no less than a monthly basis:

  • Review Analytics Module results.
  • Flag questionable transactions and create cases for instances of potential misuse.
  • Follow up on and close any pending actions on flagged transactions and open cases from the previous month.
  • Enter case notes and disposition decisions on misuse and potential misuse transaction activity into IntelliLink that was reported from lower levels or discovered outside of IntelliLink.

For additional information, guidance, and or access to IntelliLink, contact your CPM or higher level APC. Additional training resources for IntelliLink are found in the Citi Learning Center.

See also the DoD Misuse Reporting Memo [PDF, 1 page] or DoD Misuse Reporting Memo (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense) [PDF, 1 page]

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