Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions

Due to a worldwide software issue affecting travel and other systems, travelers may experience travel disruptions. Travel Management Companies, airlines and other travel providers may also be experiencing systems outages. Please see the traveler disruption page for guidance.

Travel & Transportation Rates

Per Diem Rate Lookup

Look up per diem rates by location or download annual rates for all locations.

GSA sets per diem rates for the contiguous 48 States and the District of Columbia. Rates are updated annually at the start of the fiscal year (or as necessary).

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DoS sets the per diem rates for foreign locations. Rates are updated at the beginning of each month.

DTMO prescribes rates for non-foreign locations overseas (also referred to as OCONUS locations, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.). Rates are updated monthly (or as necessary).

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