Travel Disruptions

Experiencing long wait times to speak with your TMC? Learn more about your options to navigate delays and cancellations. If you have had an issue with your TMC and wish to file a report post-travel, contact your local Transportation Management Office (TMO). The TMO may direct you to the appropriate Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE), who monitors contractor performance.

Travel Management Company Assistance

Travel Management Companies (TMCs, or Commercial Travel Offices/CTOs as they're referred to in the Defense Travel System) arrange official travel on behalf of military and civilian travelers in accordance with DoD Instruction 5154. 31, Vol. 2 [, PDF, 11 pages].

Contact Your TMC

You can find contact information for your TMC on your travel itinerary. If you need assistance after normal business hours, refer to the after-hours TMC contact information [PDF, 14 pages]. Contact the TMC if:

  • An emergency or mission requirement demands short-notice travel (verbal orders of the Commanding Officer, or VOCO),
  • Official travel has begun and you need to make changes to your itinerary,
  • You need to return any unused paper tickets.

If travel has not yet begun, you can: