Arrange a Move

Transportation Officers (TOs) or authorized representatives should follow the process below to arrange charter bus, van, and limousine service.

  1. Gather Move Requirements & Submit a Request for Service in GOPAX

    Use the Checklist for TOs to gather details needed to complete the Request for Service. TOs are required to book moves using GOPAX except in rare instances when GOPAX is not available.

  2. Review Bids

    Once the request for movement is submitted, carriers reply with bids and the TO reviews and awards a contract based on best value.

  3. Provide DTMO Bus-01 Form to Group Leader

    Group leaders should complete the DTMO Bus Form-01, also known as the Bus Movement Standards of Service & Inspection Checklist. After the move, the Group Leader should submit the completed form with GOPAX MRN and specify any issues that affected the move. Please confirm all e-mail addresses and GOPAX MRN are correct.

  4. Submit the Completed Form to DTMO

    After the TO or Group Leader submits the DTMO Bus Form-01, it gets electronically sent to the DTMO for review and potential action.

  5. Settle Carrier Invoice

    The carrier should send an invoice and Government Charter Coach Certificate (GCCC) Form [PDF, 1 page] with reported expenses within seven business days of the completed move to the Billing Point of Contact for settlement.

TOs arranging group travel and paying with DoD funds must abide by the policies and regulations outlined in DTR.

USTRANSCOM's GOPAX allows Transportation Officers to submit requests for bus movements and DoD-approved carriers to provide offers of service. This process for commercial movement of group duty passengers varies with the type of movement required. Domestic (CONUS only) air movements and domestic surface movements are coordinated through GOPAX. First-time users will need to establish a GOPAX account.

All GOPAX system issues are handled by USTRANSCOM. For GOPAX support, email the USTRANSCOM Help Desk or call 618-220-6432. Training videos are available inside GOPAX.

The Request for Service is a list of requirements for chartered passenger or group movements of government personnel. The TO submits a Request for Service through GOPAX. GOPAX automatically distributes Requests for Service to all participating carriers, TOs using GOPAX do not need to receive multiple bids in order to make an award.

The DTR does not specify a minimum timeframe that a Request must be posted, however, it is in your best interest to post a Request for Service as soon as possible to receive competitive bids for a movement.

There may be instances where no bids (Rate and Service Proposals) are received. In these cases, requestors may need to use the DoD Approved Carriers list to contact carriers directly to request they solicit bids in GOPAX. If you still receive no bids, please email DTMO.

Movements are awarded to the carrier(s) whose Rate and Service Proposal offers or combination of bids provide the highest level of service at the best value to satisfy the movement requirements. Factors influencing carrier selection include best value in terms of:

  • The presence of sufficient equipment to perform the move.
  • The overall condition of the equipment (with an emphasis on safety).
  • The carrier’s cost, location, and history of providing timely and responsible service.
  • The conduct and performance of operating personnel.


Requests for Service should include all service requirements at the time they are made. In situations where the TO requests variations that differ from the Rate and Service Proposal submitted, the carrier has the right to refuse additional personnel, baggage, or impedimenta that would cause equipment to violate Federal laws or manufacturers' safety guidelines.

TOs may change their original Request for Service after it has been awarded, as long as the movement has not started. Any change to a move request may incur additional or modified charges to the original requestor depending on the nature of the change. TOs typically cannot change a Request for Service once the movement has started, except in cases of emergency where the TO and bus carrier communicate, annotate in writing and provide updates in GOPAX.


When a movement is cancelled by the unit, the TO must inform the carrier immediately by email and phone, document cancellation notice was received, and cancel the request in GOPAX. The Government is liable for any costs incurred by the carrier.

When a movement is cancelled by the carrier, they are required to inform the TO as soon as possible by email and phone. The carrier will be responsible for any costs imposed on the Government.


If you have a failure in service, email DTMO. Recourse will depend on the specific performance failure.

If a movement must be booked outside of GOPAX, the TO must abide by the regulations and procedures set forth in the DTR, use a DOD-approved carrier, and report the move to DTMO using the Report for Locally/Manually Arranged Bus Moves [XLS, 3 pages].

The DTR requires that three carriers be notified of a Request for Service to obtain a competitive Rate and Service Proposal. TOs arranging local/manual/emergency moves must satisfy this requirement.

Defense Transportation Regulation

Refer to the DTR, Chapter 104 [PDF, 10 pages] for routing authority guidance

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