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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | Jan. 3, 2022

DoD Bus

Access GOPAX by logging into First-time users will need to establish a GOPAX account.

All GOPAX system issues are handled by USTRANSCOM. For GOPAX support, email the USTRANSCOM Help Desk or call 618-220-6432. Training videos are available inside GOPAX.

The TO, government representative, or in some cases DTMO, will select the carrier(s) whose Rate and Service Proposal offers or combination of bids provide the highest level of service at the best value to satisfy the movement requirements. In addition to cost, best value factors influencing carrier selection include, but are not limited to:

  • The presence of sufficient equipment to perform the move.
  • The overall condition of the equipment (with an emphasis on safety).
  • The carrier’s history of providing timely and responsible service.
  • The conduct and performance of operating personnel.

No, not if you are using GOPAX. GOPAX automatically distributes the Requests for Service to all participating carriers, meaning more than three carriers are notified.

If you are arranging a local/manual move, the DTR requires that three carriers be notified of a Request for Service to obtain a competitive Rate and Service Proposal.

No. The DTR does not require a minimum timeframe, however, it is in your best interest to post a Request for Service as soon as you can to receive competitive bids for a movement.

There may be instances where no bids (Rate and Service Proposals) are received. (In these cases, requestors may need to use the DoD Approved Carriers list to contact carriers directly to solicit bids. If you are still not able to get bids, please email DTMO.

If you have a failure in service, email DTMO. Recourse will depend on the specific performance failure.

Per the DTR, TOs are required to report locally/manually arranged bus moves no later than the 5th calendar day of each month. DTMO has access to all movement data through the GOPAX.

DoD-approved carriers must use equipment that has been inspected by the Department of Transportation (DOT). DTMO monitors inspections performed by DOT, ensures that carriers comply, and reserves the right to request documentation to validate annual inspections.

Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), Part 396, carriers or a CVSA-certified inspector must perform an annual inspection of all vehicles in the carrier’s control. All parts and accessories must be in safe and reliable operating conditions at all times. Carriers must also annotate dates of annual inspection on their Carrier Equipment List.

TOs must also complete a Standards of Service & Inspection Checklist. The TO or the group leader is authorized to reject any equipment when the equipment or driver does not meet the specific requirements requested, or Standards of Service identified on the DTMO Bus-01.

The group leader must submit a separate DTMO Bus-01 Form for each chartered move. At the completion of the move, the group leader must provide the completed forms to the TO, which must then be forwarded to the DTMO within 7 days of completion.

GTR payments are for OCONUS movements only. Government Travel Charge Card should be the first option for payment unless other payment arrangements have been made. TOs must assist carriers with any payment concerns that may arise. In the event that a payment dispute cannot be resolved at the local level, email DTMO to elevate the issue for resolution.