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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | April 11, 2022

Temporary Lodging Allowance

No. See par. 680404.E of the DoD FMR.

Yes, but lodging reimbursement is limited to what the Government quarters would have cost. If Government quarters aren't available, written certification is required to support a claim for TLA. See par. 680404.B of the DoD FMR.

A number of days deemed sufficient, but ordinarily, not more than 60 days. A period in addition to that 60 days may be authorized/approved when any of the following reasons exist and are beyond the member's/dependents' control (See par. 680406.A of the DoD FMR):

  • Non-arrival of HHG;
  • Delay in availability of/assignment to Government quarters due to Service requirements;
  • Acts of God, fire, flood, earthquake, riot, civil unrest, or other disturbances that make normally available or anticipated Government quarters or private sector housing temporarily or permanently uninhabitable or unavailable;
  • Withdrawal of housing from the market by a landlord;
  • Member is unable to secure housing considered by the housing officer to be suitable to the member's needs, in an acceptable location, and comparable to and within the price range of housing currently being used by other members in the area. NOTE: This does NOT mean the housing lease cost cannot exceed the OHA ceiling; it can.;
  • Member/dependent(s) are hospitalized or the member's duties requires the member to be away from the PDS (homeport, if attached to a ship) resulting in curtailment of opportunities to arrange for permanent living accommodations. The additional TLA period is authorized/approved in increments of 10 or fewer days.

Upon initial arrival at an OCONUS PDS, the TLA period begins on the same date that COLA eligibility begins. See par. 680406.A of the DoD FMR.

See par. 9150-C1. The member is required to begin aggressively seeking quarters as soon as possible after arrival. At the end of the first TLA period, the designated overseas commander has the member's case reviewed to determine the progress being made toward obtaining permanent housing. If the member's efforts appear deficient, the member is reminded of responsibilities in the matter. Unexcused failure to comply with the diligent search requirement is cause to terminate TLA. See pars. 680402.C1, 680404.A and 680406.B of the DoD FMR.

The member/dependents may not receive TLA on the reporting day to a new PDS if MALT plus per diem is being paid for that day. See par. 680601.D2 of the DoD FMR.

Normally, a member should not require TLA for more than the last 10 days before the day the member departs the PDS in compliance with PCS orders. This period may begin early or be extended for reasons determined to be beyond the control of the member or dependents, such as transportation delays, hospitalization or movement of household goods. See par. 680409 of the DoD FMR.

It depends. If the member is on leave in the PDS area while looking for housing, TLA is payable. TLA is not payable for any day a member is away from the PDS vicinity on leave or permissive travel, except when one or more dependents remain in the PDS vicinity. In that case, the number of dependents who continue to occupy temporary lodgings determines the rate payable. In either case, postponement of TLA pending return is not authorized. See par. 680506 of the DoD FMR.

Yes, An advance may be paid for the number of authorized TLA days, after authority is provided, based on the appropriate directive issued as specified in the OCONUS TLA Authority’s guidance. See par. 680404.G of the DoD FMR.

Yes, when determining the lodging expense in connection with TLA, International Transaction Fees, also known as currency conversion fees, charged by the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) to the actual daily lodging cost along with any lodging tax or value-added tax (VAT) relief certificate cost, and other authorized lodging costs are added into the calculation. When using a personal charge card instead of the GTCC while not formally exempt from having a GTCC, International Transaction Fees charged by the credit card company are not part of the calculation. See par. 680602.B of the DoD FMR. For an example of how to calculate lodging including these extra, lodging-related costs, see computation examples.