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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | Jan. 3, 2022

DoD Dine Smart

At the end of each month, Dinova emails participants a statement showing point totals and available rewards. When you have earned enough points to redeem a gift card, your statement will indicate a reward is available. Follow the “Redeem Here” link to claim your gift card.

You may also redeem your reward later, by signing in to myDinova Rewards []. Select the gift card you want for the amount relative to the points you’ve earned, and the electronic gift card will be delivered to your email address or to any recipient of your choosing within 72 hours.

DoD Dine Smart is a Department of Defense preferred dining program that operates through Dinova, a dining network with over 18,000 participating restaurant locations throughout the United States. To use DoD Dine Smart, you’ll access the Dinova website or mobile app to search for participating network restaurants. Also, the DoD Dine Smart Traveler Rewards program is managed through the myDinova Rewards app or at

Yes. Paragraph 010204 of the Joint Travel Regulations states, “The Government Travel Charge Card Regulations require a travel cardholder to use the Individually Billed Account GTCC to pay for all authorized expenses related to government travel” including meals.

Participation in DoD Dine Smart Traveler Rewards is neither automatic nor required. DoD travelers must choose to enroll to earn points and rewards [].

When you sign up for DoD Dine Smart Traveler Rewards through the myDinova app or at, you’ll register your Government Travel Charge Card through their secure system.

Your card number is encrypted and then used to identify only your dining transactions. Dinova uses this encrypted information to automatically award points on your total transaction amount and calculates any bonus points from special promotions, as applicable. You don’t have to show your military ID or CAC, or even identify yourself to your server.

No. Restaurants do not provide data on what you order. The only data shared is the name of the restaurant, its location, and final cost.

Absolutely! We're always encouraging new restaurants to join the program. Email your restaurant recommendation to

Yes, both the iPhone and Android Apps are DISA-approved for download on DoD-issued devices.

Visit your myDinova Account Profile page to update the email associated with your account.