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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | Jan. 3, 2022

Dislocation Allowance

No, a Service member may not receive a DLA when moving from the home of record or the place from which entered active duty to the first PDS, unless dependents also move to the first PDS.

No, a Service member may not receive a DLA when performing a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) from the last PDS to the home of record or home of selection.

No, as mandated by law, a Reserve Component or National Guard member entering and leaving active duty is not eligible for a dislocation allowance.

However, if a Reserve Component or National Guard member enters active duty for more than 20 weeks at one location, is authorized PCS allowances, and moves dependents from the home to the new PDS or a designated place, then the Reserve Component or National Guard member is eligible for a DLA.

Yes, a Service member relocating without dependents receives a DLA at the without-dependent rate unless the Service member occupies Government quarters at the new PDS. See the JTR, par. 050504 for more information.

A Service member ordered to occupy or vacate family-type Government quarters due to privatization, renovation or any reason other than PCS receives a partial DLA. A Service member who moves from family-type Government quarters upon separation or retirement does not receive a partial DLA.

The miscellaneous expense allowance partially reimburses a civilian employee for the miscellaneous PCS relocation expenses that are not reimbursed by other PCS allowances. The miscellaneous expense allowance is paid either as a lump sum or as an actual expense reimbursement.

Civilian employees may never receive an advance of miscellaneous expense allowance funds. To receive miscellaneous expense allowance reimbursement, a civilian employee must submit a travel claim and certify that the employee has terminated the residence at the old PDS and established a residence at the new PDS. See the JTR Section 0541 and the FTR §302-16 for more detailed information on miscellaneous expense allowance eligibility.