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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | April 12, 2022

Overseas Housing Allowance

When you arrive at your duty station, check with the local housing office (or the local commander if there is no housing office) to see what the procedures are for your area. To start your OHA, once you have found housing, take a copy of your lease to the appropriate official and complete the DD Form 2367, Individual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Report [PDF, 2 pages].

Yes. The pay system will calculate your “equivalent rent” amount as the purchase price divided by 120.

OHA is designed to partially offset the cost of housing, so members can be expected to incur out-of-pocket expenses.

The rental allowances are reviewed every 6 months based on rents in the pay system. Members have the opportunity to provide input in the annual OHA Utility Expenses Survey and triennial OHA Move-In Expenses Survey. These surveys run every year from January 1 to March 31. Data collected is used to update the utility/recurring maintenance allowance and MIHA/misc. rates.

Yes, fill out the DD Form 2556 Move-in Housing Allowance Claim Form [PDF, 2 pages], attach receipts, and submit it to your finance office for reimbursement.

Only certain locations are authorized MIHA/Security. Authorized locations are listed in Part I of the DoD Move-In Housing Allowance Process Guide [PDF, 9 pages]. If you are located in an authorized location, check with your Housing Officer or Appropriate Official before making any expenditures to ensure they will be approved. For any security related expenses, such as security systems, window bars, security doors, etc., attach your receipts to the DD Form 2556 Move-in Housing Allowance Claim Form [PDF, 2 pages] and submit to finance for reimbursement.

Only certain locations are authorized. Criteria and authorized locations are in the DoD FMR Volume 7A, 680301-F. Members in authorized locations may submit receipts to their finance office to seek reimbursement.

Yes, the Senior Officer or designee (housing officer) may set parameters under which OHA is approved, such as putting certain sets of neighborhoods off limits due to high crime or substandard housing.

If you are assigned to an unaccompanied tour and have Secretarial waiver, you may be authorized OHA for a dependent who lives separately. Please check with your local finance office regarding your specific entitlements.

Daily exchange rates are closely monitored. The DoD adjusts the pay system exchange rate as often as every pay period to convert the allowance set in foreign currency to U.S. Dollars and maintain your purchasing power. Learn more about currency fluctuations.