Other Commercial Lodging

The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) [PDF] require DoD travelers on temporary duty (TDY) to an Integrated Lodging Program (ILP) site or surrounding metro area to book DoD Preferred commercial lodging before other commercial lodging options.

If DoD Preferred commercial lodging is not available, the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) §301-11.11 states that travelers should give first consideration to other Government lodging programs when available.

Other Government lodging options include programs managed by the General Services Administration (GSA) such as FedRooms, Long Term Lodging, and Emergency Lodging Services (ELS).

Other non-Government commercial lodging options, such as commercial hotels with Government rates, may be used in certain circumstances though they may not appear in DoD Travel Systems.


GSA partners with the lodging industry to provide federal travelers on official business with FTR compliant accommodations that are at or below per diem, both within and outside of the Continental U.S. FedRooms offers traveler perks and protections including rates at or below per diem, no service, urban destination, or resort fees, 4pm day of arrival cancellation in the U.S., no minimum stay requirements, and ability to earn brand loyalty points. FedRooms properties are clearly identified in DTS.

Long Term Lodging

For extended stays in one location, lodging reservations should be made on a weekly, monthly, or other long-term basis if possible. GSA's Long Term Lodging facilities are typically in an apartment or condominium-type property and may be furnished with all the amenities of a home. If you need assistance booking these properties, contact your organization's supporting Travel Management Company.

Emergency Lodging Services

GSA's ELS program enables Federal and State agencies and entities to quickly secure lodging accommodations and services for first responders, government employees, support personnel, and evacuees resulting from an emergency or declared disaster.