Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions

Due to a worldwide software issue affecting travel and other systems, travelers may experience travel disruptions. Travel Management Companies, airlines and other travel providers may also be experiencing systems outages. Please see the traveler disruption page for guidance.

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Citi Support

Citi’s Client Services lines are dedicated solely to supporting APCs and are available Monday – Saturday from 7:00AM - 9:00PM EST.

For assistance call:
866-670-6462 (toll-free)
757-853-2467 (outside U.S.)

Centrally Billed Accounts (CBAs)

A Centrally Billed Account, or CBA, is a variation of the travel card used for the Department's specific needs and may be the method of payment for expenses incident to official travel, to include local travel. Travelers who do not have their own Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) may use their organization’s CBA to pay for those reservations. Payment of CBAs is the responsibility of the government. CBA card purchases are exempt from state taxes in every state.

There are two main types of CBAs: Transportation and Unit Accounts. Both are limited use, with credit limits consistent with the mission, and Government liability. Accounts must be approved by the Component Program Manager; account managers are responsible for management and reconciliation.

Just like an ordinary GTCC, the charge card vendor (CCV) sends a monthly invoice that lists the charges made against the CBA. The DTS Reconciliation process starts with an automated attempt to match the charges on the CCV’s monthly invoice against DTS travel documents. If necessary, a manual attempt to match the remaining transactions follows. Once the steps are complete, the invoice is acknowledged and certified for payment.

There are two types of CBAs that are loaded into DTS:

  • Traditional CBAs which are reconciled and processed manually;
  • DTS CBAs which are reconciled electronically using the DTS CBA Reconciliation Module.

This section only supports the DTS CBAs. Consult the CBA Reconciliation Manual for guidance on CBA processes, tools, and key roles.

CBA Reconciliation Module

The CBA Reconciliation Module provides access to all CBA-DTA related functions in DTS. These functions include:

  • Generating and viewing various reports, invoices, and transactions
  • Resolving and reconciling open invoices
  • Reviewing and acknowledging invoices prior to certification
  • Certifying invoices for payment
  • Electronically processing invoices at reduced cost versus traditional method

If you are interested in using the CBA Reconciliation Module at your site or have general questions about the DTS CBA Reconciliation Module, you must contact your Service or Agency representative.

Please note that:

  • A review of your current business process is recommended
  • A set-up and approval process by your Service or Agency representative is required prior to activation of the account in the DTS CBA Reconciliation Module
  • In order for travelers to use a CBA through DTS, the account must be loaded in DTS by filling out the CBA Load Worksheet [PDF, 1 page]. All organizations to be associated with that CBA will need to be identified. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to the appropriate Service/Agency representative.
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Help Desk Phone (M-F 0800 - 1700): 443-321-1893
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Defense Agencies & Joint Commands Online: TraX [login required] > Travel Assistance > Submit a Help Ticket
Help Desk Phone: 1-888-Help1Go (888-435-7146)

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