Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions

Due to a worldwide software issue affecting travel and other systems, travelers may experience travel disruptions. Travel Management Companies, airlines and other travel providers may also be experiencing systems outages. Please see the traveler disruption page for guidance.

DTS/EWTS Training Resources

Defense Travel System (DTS) training resources include a practice environment, known as the Enterprise Web Training System (EWTS), and a distance learning course for instructors that provides classroom courseware and materials.

EWTS mirrors DTS and allows users to create, edit, review, and approve mock travel documents, practice Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) administrative and reporting tasks, safely build test organizations or routing lists, and perform other DTS tasks. The EWTS Guide [PDF, 27 pages] provides more information on EWTS responsibilities and resources.

Recommended for trainers, D205: EWTS Setup and Application [login required] covers key EWTS terms and hardware requirements with an emphasis on how to request, install, and manage Public Key Infrastructure certificates. This training includes courseware that may be customized to meet component training requirements.

First-Time EWTS Access

EWTS requires an internet connection and works best in Chrome or Edge. The Lead DTA requests access to the training environment. Before using EWTS, you or your local IT support team must:

  1. Install JAVA or update to the most recent software version.

    EWTS uses a JAVA applet to log into the system and when signing documents. To install and run this applet, your JAVA software must be up-to-date. If your computer does not contain JAVA or requires updating, contact your IT staff. Review detailed key setup information for first-time users.

  2. Obtain a PKI certificate.

    The DTMO can no longer process requests for new or re-issued EWTS-compatible PKI certificates. You must obtain them from your Component’s Local Registry Authority (LRA). When you receive your new or re-issued certs, follow the instructions in the EWTS Guide to have the DTMO EWTS Administrator process those certs to make them compatible with EWTS.


    To access EWTS, you need to have a DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate and password. Together, they simulate in EWTS the identification and security functions that the PKI certificate in your Common Access Card (CAC) and your CAC PIN perform for DTS. New details on how to request a PKI will be added to this page when available. More information on obtaining and using certificates can be found in the EWTS Guide [PDF, 27 pages].

Maintenance & Support

EWTS may be unavailable during scheduled maintenance down time [PDF, 2 pages].

For assistance with initial access or connectivity problems, contact your Lead Defense Travel Administrator. If local support cannot resolve the issue, login to TraX to create a Help Ticket or review frequently asked questions related to EWTS functionality.