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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ | Dec. 28, 2022

Meal Rates

The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) reviews rates every year and revises when necessary. Current rates are effective from January 1, 2024, through December 31, 2024. See past meal rates.

For more information, visit the DoD Financial Management Regulation [] and the OUSD Comptroller Website [].

Effective 1 October 2008, the meal rate for cadets and midshipmen is equivalent to the Enlisted Basic Allowance for Subsistence rate.

A Service member, civilian employee, or component representative may contact the TDY location to determine if meals will be provided at the Government’s expense, such as a deductible meal that is included in a conference registration fee.

Alternatively, a Service member or component representative may contact the TDY location to determine if meals are available at a Government dining facility; only Service members can be directed to eat meals in a Government dining facility.

Yes, the meal rate should be prescribed on the travel order. If neither rate is specified, the traveler receives the locality meal rate.

The examples below show a proportional meal rate calculation, using the standard CONUS meal and incidental expense rate of $55 and the standard Government meal rate of $14.05. The standard CONUS meal and incidental expense rate of $55 includes $50 for meals and $5 for incidental expenses. Disclaimer: The numbers in this example are only for illustration and the calculations may be unique to the JTR.

  1. To calculate the proportional meal rate, add the locality meal rate and the Government meal rate. Then, divide the total by 2 and round up to the nearest dollar. ($50 + $14.05 = $64.05; $64.05 / 2 = $32.025, which rounds to $33)
  2. To calculate the proportional meal and incidental expenses, add the total for step 1 (the proportional meal rate) to the incidental expenses rate ($33 + $5 = $38).

DoD Proportional Meals Rate (PMR) allowance replaced the previous percentage breakdown of meals reimbursement system in 1996. The PMR simplified the meal-by-meal computation process when one or more meals were not available in a Gov’t mess or if a deductible meal is used.

The PMR allowance is applicable to the Uniformed Services, DoD Civilian employees, eligible non-DoD Civilian employees and individuals funded by DoD funds.

DoD Civilian employees whose official travel is funded by non-DoD funds are governed by the funding Agency travel and transportation regulations when applicable.

See JTR, par. 020304 for more information.