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News | April 17, 2020

DTS/EWTS Software Update FY20: Expense Release

Note: Information and dates provided below are subject to change without notice. Information will be updated as necessary.
  • EWTS Release Date: April 13, 2020
  • DTS Release Date: This release is being scheduled to be implemented in a phased approach across DoD organizations. On April 17, 2020, the release will be implemented for randomly selected DoD organizations to allow software engineers to assess system performance. If your organization is part of the pilot, users will see an on screen banner once logged into DTS. Following a successful verification, the release will be implemented across all remaining DoD organizations, which is tentatively scheduled for April 28, 2020. Please continue to monitor the DTS homepage for any updates to the release schedule.
  • System Downtime: None 
  • TAC Outreach Call: Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Login to Passport and visit Announcements for instructions on how to participate in this call or for a copy of the slides.

  • This release is the next in a series of updates to the User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) that aims to modernize the look and feel, and improve navigation and usability of the system. This release focuses on the DTS Expenses module and document attachment functionality. This software version reshapes the Add expenses and upload supporting documents design, displays recorded expenses in a single running list, incorporates quick access to per diem under Enter Expenses, and launches a “What’s New” feature. This DTS release also retires fax capability.
  • Numerous SPR’s are being fixed, see table in section III
  • Download Look Ahead papers [PDF] for a description of the release functionality, including screenshots.

Issue Key Title
DTS-17498 PL9 unable to remove signed documents with substantiating records
DTS-17551 Audit Failure for 'Missing Receipts' Due to Lodging Reservation Outside Itinerary Dates

A complete list of release contents and associated workarounds are available in SIM via Passport, DTMO’s web portal. If you do not have access to SIM and would like workaround information, create a TAC ticket requesting access to SIM account.