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News | Nov. 7, 2023

Hotels Offering More Breakfast Options for Travelers

It’s great when your hotel provides a complimentary cup (or two) of coffee and breakfast in the morning.

However, during the pandemic many hotels were forced to suspend breakfast services for contactless methods of operating. “Good news for travelers: hotel breakfasts are returning!” says DoD Preferred Program Manager Elizabeth Carver.

Hotels are offering a variety of different breakfast options, from healthy and fresh prepackaged “to-go” meals to hot buffets, new menus, and table service. Some are keeping fast and easy options such as using QR codes and self-service kiosks that worked well during the pandemic.

One hotel launched a marketing campaign last summer promoting ’breakfast anyway you like it.’ Not only is it the brand’s most successful marketing campaign ever, but it has also driven booking consideration five times higher than travel industry benchmarks (a true testament to their breakfast offering and the value travelers place on it.)

Another hotel brand is focusing on engagement with travelers. Due to mobile technologies, the opportunities for interaction with guests is becoming increasingly infrequent, so they make a personalized connection with travelers at breakfast.

Creative grab-and-go options are becoming an emerging trend. Culinary teams are exploring new, interesting items like a fresh fruit cup, granola parfait, yogurt dispensers, a bagel buffet with toppings/spreads, or a muffin. These are all very portable and easily prepackaged. You may be surprised to find a hotel that provides customized packaging, signature chocolates, and even handwritten notes.

Lastly, grab-and-go markets that feature freshly prepared items and healthy alternatives along with the classic breakfast staples is another option if you’re in a hurry.

Watch for “Breakfast Included” in the Defense Travel System the next time you’re booking your TDY lodging. Many DoD Preferred and FedRooms hotels offer breakfast to our travelers even though it’s not usually included in their standard room rates.