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News | Dec. 13, 2023

Help Us Improve Your Travel Experience

If you are a DoD traveler, you may receive a survey link from us to gain insight into your travel experience. The Defense Travel Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Survey collects traveler feedback on an array of DoD commercial travel programs, including travel management companies, airlines, rental cars, and the Government Travel Charge Card.

We understand that inboxes can fill with surveys for everything from a doctor’s visit to brake repairs, but we ask that if you receive ours, please take the time to complete it. Responses help us identify problem areas or trends and requirements for future defense travel programs and services.

  • After you travel, watch your inbox for an email with a survey invitation link. The subject line will read ‘RE: Defense Travel Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Survey.’ Emails are sent monthly to a random sample of DoD travelers with qualifying travel vouchers who haven’t received the survey recently.
  • Block out time in your schedule to fill out the survey, it should take between five and fifteen minutes. It’s okay to complete it during the workday. Think of completing the survey as the last step in the travel process.
  • Complete the survey as soon as possible while travel details are still fresh in your mind.

The survey is anonymous, so please complete it if you receive it and help us improve your overall travel experience. Your participation is appreciated.