Joint Travel Regulations Changes

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TitleDescriptionEffective Date
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 36-22(I), Replace "Gas" with "Fuel"The Federal Register was updated to implement a final rule proposed by the General Services Administration. The update changes references of “gas” to “fuel” and further defines fuel to account for other types of vehicle power sources, such as hydrogen, propane, and electricity. See Federal Register notice Vol. 87, No. 78, Friday, April 22, 2022.5/23/2022
UTD for MAP 27-22(R), “Gun Safe Transportation”This item creates authority for the transportation of empty gun safes, totaling up to 500 pounds, in addition to a Service member’s prescribed Household Goods (HHG) weight allowance, not to exceed 18,000 pounds, as authorized in 37 U.S.C. §453(c)(3).5/1/2022
CTD for CAP 31-21(R) Unaccompanied Baggage for Dependent Student TravelThis item specifies the rules for unaccompanied baggage for travel of a civilian employee’s dependent student, to mirror the Service member rules. The Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) Section 285.1 contains the allowances for dependent student travel but does not specify the weight limitation for unaccompanied baggage.4/26/2022
UTD-CTD FOR MAP-CAP 46-21(R) ILP EXEMPTION FOR TVL SYS RETAINING GOVT LDG AVAIL DOC.PDFThis item creates an exemption from the Integrated Lodging Program (ILP) requirement to provide a certificate of non-availability number (CNA) for a travel system that retains documentation of Government quarters availability. Instead of requiring a CNA, the system will save documentation of Government quarters availability. The saved documentation will be available to the authorizing official to limit reimbursement if necessary.4/21/2022
CTD for CAP 81-22 Correction to Remove Lajes Field Portugal Civilian Accompanied TourIn accordance with Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness’s July 2, 2015 memorandum, the tour of duty for Department of Defense civilian employees assigned to Lajes Field, Portugal is revised to a 12-month unaccompanied tour. This change provides consistency and standardization of tours of duty for military and civilian personnel.7/2/2015
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