Begin New Trips with TravelBot

Until MyTravel capabilities expand, it may be necessary to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) to process more complex travel situations. Answer a few simple questions about your trip using the DoD TravelBot to determine which travel system to use.


MyTravel is a Department of Defense (DoD) system that leverages a commercial, software-as-a-service, travel and expense solution developed by SAP Concur. MyTravel is an end-to-end system with an embedded Travel Management Company. The benefits include an easy to navigate look and feel, streamlined travel requests and expense approvals, confirmation and ticketing of travel arrangements, and support of split-disbursement.

MyTravel is undergoing a phased implementation across DoD and will eventually replace DTS.


On October 21, 2022, Under Secretary of Defense, Personnel & Readiness Hon. Gilbert Cisneros issued a memorandum, “Mandatory Use of MyTravel [PDF, 13 pages],” which states that MyTravel has been designated as the single official travel system for currently supported functions, as well as those supported in the future, for all organizations that are using MyTravel. Currently, MyTravel supports most business travel scenarios, including:

  • Short-term temporary duty (TDY) travel (less than 45-day duration)
  • Travel to multiple TDY locations for a single trip
  • Travel to/from all CONUS locations
  • Travel to/from all OCONUS locations, except when crossing the International Date Line
  • Travel to military installations when using available/required government lodging.
  • Reduced Per Diem (PMR, GMR, etc.) travel
  • Uses a Single Line of Accounting OR multiple lines within the same Agency
  • Travel expenses paid with a Government Travel Charge Card Individually Billed Account (GTCC IBA)

At this time, MyTravel is only being evaluated at select DoD organizations. Only users whose organizations have access are able to login. Your organization will notify you of the transition. Even after the system is available for your organization’s use, you may still need to use the Defense Travel System (DTS) for some temporary duty (TDY) trip types. This is because MyTravel is incrementally adding more complex functionality.

First-time Users

For best results, always use the Chrome browser to access MyTravel. As soon as your MyTravel account is available, login and finish setting up your travel profile. In addition to completing the usual profile information (name, contact information, travel preferences, etc.), make sure you also:

  • Register and verify 1-3 email addresses. MyTravel only accepts emailed documents (e.g., receipts) from verified email addresses.
  • Add your Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) number and expiration date. Doing so allows the system to make reservations and receive transaction information from the card vendor.
  • Enter personal vehicle information for at least one vehicle. This allows you to claim and receive payment for POV mileage.
  • Activate e-receipts. This lets MyTravel place vendor-provided electronic receipts directly into your MyTravel account.

You should review and update your profile at regular intervals, and when prompted by the system or directed by Component policy.

Note: the Travel Assistance Center supports DTS users only and cannot troubleshoot MyTravel issues.


Your Travel Manager or Component Coordinator can assist with most routine questions and issues concerning MyTravel. Additional customer support and technical assistance is available through SAP Concur Support at 1-844-308-6880. When calling, press ‘1’ for help with technical or system issues, or ‘2’ for help with booked travel. TMC touch fees do not apply and you will not need to claim reimbursement. You can also click 'Help' in the top right corner of each MyTravel page.

Share Feedback

After a trip, MyTravel users are encouraged to talk to their Component Coordinator about their experience. Feedback is critical to MyTravel's success and is used to inform future updates to the system.