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Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions

Worldwide Systems Outages Causing Disruptions Due to a worldwide software issue affecting travel and other systems, travelers may experience travel disruptions. Travel Management Companies, airlines and other travel providers may also be experiencing systems outages. Please see the traveler disruption page for guidance..

News | Jan. 17, 2022

Travel Assistance Center Pilots Callback Feature

Starting January 17, 2022, the Travel Assistance Center will pilot a callback feature that allows callers to hold their place in the queue rather than waiting on the line. This feature will be available from Monday through Friday, 0800 to 1200 EST, depending on the size of the queue.

If you are calling from a direct line such as a cell phone, press 1 to be called back at the phone number you are calling from. If you are calling from a phone number that requires an extension such as an on-base office line, you will be prompted to press 2 to enter a direct line number in which you can be reached.

The system will make one callback attempt. If you are not available or the phone is busy, you will lose your place in the queue. If you call the TAC again before their callback and instead choose to remain on hold, your place in the queue will reset and you will be added to the end of the queue.

Note that callbacks from the TAC will appear in caller ID as 888-435-7146. Those with call-screening apps installed should ensure that this number is allowed on their phone.