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News | Nov. 18, 2022

GOPAX Currently Unavailable for All Users – Move Request Guidance

On November 14, 2022, the Defense Travel Management Office was notified that the Group Operational Passenger System (GOPAX) encountered an issue that caused the system to be inaccessible for all users. At this time, access for all users continues to be inaccessible. The U.S. Transportation Command (U.S. TRANSCOM) is working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible but there is no current estimate for when this issue will be resolved.

Procedure for New Move Requests

Until further notice, DO NOT request moves in GOPAX. Instead, follow the locally/manually arranged move guidance below, also found in the Defense Travel Regulation, Chapter 104 Buses [PDF, 10 pages].

  • Locally/Manually Arranged Moves are moves made outside of GOPAX when there is a system failure (i.e., when GOPAX is not operational). If a locally/manually arranged move is required, bids must be solicited from a minimum of three carriers (if available). The carrier offering the best value service must be selected. The Transportation Office (TO) must provide written notification of the award to the successful bidder and notify the unsuccessful bidders that transportation has been procured.
  • TOs are required to provide the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) with information concerning their locally/manually arranged chartered bus movements no later than the 10th calendar day of each month. This action must be completed by emailing

Follow these steps for processing future move requests (DO NOT submit requests in GOPAX):

  1. Transportation Offices shall call at least three carriers from the DoD Bus Approved Carrier List [PDF, 154 pages] to solicit bids.
  2. Carriers email bids to the Transportation Office.
  3. The Transportation Office analyzes carrier offers and awards a move based on Best Value. Transportation Office notifies the carrier of the award in writing.   
  4. Carrier accepts offer by responding to the Transportation Office in writing.
  5. Transportation Office informs other solicited carriers that the move has been awarded.
  6. Once the move is complete, Carrier sends invoice to the Transportation Office with the Government Charter Coach Certificate (GCCC).
  7. Carrier submits move data in Carrier Move Reporting Tool by the 15th of the following month.
  8. Transportation Offices/billing POC pays carrier for the awarded move.
  9. Transportation Office submits a Locally/Manually Arranged Move Report to the Defense Travel Management Office at by 10th of each month.

Procedure for Previously Awarded Moves

If you have awarded a move AFTER November 12, 2022, please contact the carrier via email/phone to alert them of the award.  Until GOPAX access is restored for carriers, please contact carriers directly and be sure to document all communications with carriers regarding moves.

Follow this process for previously awarded bus moves in GOPAX:

  1. If you have selected a carrier in GOPAX and the carrier has not accepted the award, contact the carrier directly and ask them to send you written acceptance of the award.  Forward the correspondence to the Defense Travel Management Office at to finalize in GOPAX.
  2. If you have deadlined a request and have not received any bids, follow the process for Locally/Manually Arranged Moves listed above. Send selected carrier information to DTMO to finalize in GOPAX.


We strongly recommend that you double check with the Transportation Office on all previously awarded moves to make sure there have not been any changes. Until your access to GOPAX is restored, Transportation Offices will follow the Locally/Manually Arranged Moves process outlined above and you will be asked to submit your bids through email for all move requests.