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News | Oct. 5, 2023

TAC Outreach Call 10/10/2023: Fiscal Year Crossover Preparation (Continued… Again)

We invite you to join the TAC Outreach Call held Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 0800 (8 AM) and 1300 (1 PM) ET so we can conclude our discussion on Fiscal Year Crossover and Approval Failure messages.
  • Top Issues for September/October
  • Excellence in Practice Award Nominations
  • Fiscal Year Crossover
  • Approval Failure
    • Normal Processing
    • Insufficient Funding – One Budget
    • No Budget Exists
      • Voucher
    • Duplicate LOA Identical 10x20s
    • Insufficient Funding – Multiple Budgets
    • 201 Treasury Level REJECT
    • Things to Remember
  • Resources
  • Questions
To participate in Tuesday’s 0800 or 1300 call:
Follow along with the slides at:  
You may use your computer’s audio and microphone or use the telephone audio listed below:
Location Phone Number
United States 551 285 1373
United States (San Jose) 669 254 5252
United States (New York) 646 828 7666
United States (Toll Free) 833 568 8864
If you are dialing internationally, find your phone number at
Meeting ID - 161 892 0052
About TAC Outreach Calls
Outreach Calls are designed to inform and educate the DoD travel community on issues and topics related to Defense travel and DTS. Calls are conducted on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 0800 (8 AM) and 1300 (1 PM) ET. Using ZoomGov, the TAC will conduct each call in an interactive environment using a combination of both PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations. All calls will include a question-and-answer period for the subject presented and an open forum for general DTS questions.
More information about the TAC Outreach Call, including slides for the current and previous calls, can be found on TraX at www.