Belgium | Living Pattern Survey

This survey is open May 1- 31, 2023 and is limited to:

This survey is used to capture the shopping patterns of Uniformed Service members stationed OCONUS. Data collected assists in the determination of Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) paid to members in your country of assignment. This survey is in accordance with 10 USC 136 and 37 USC 405.

Participation in this survey is voluntary, but strongly encouraged so that data will be representative of your location of assignment. This data is instrumental in updating OCONUS COLA indices. Your responses will be treated as confidential and only participation statistics will be reported to your Country Allowance Coordinator to monitor data collection progress.

To prepare for the survey, determine where you purchase groceries, clothing, household furnishings, entertainment, communications and transportation. The survey takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.

To ensure that this survey results in valid data, please answer questions for all applicable categories. Incomplete surveys cannot be used as this might result in inaccurate analysis of shopping behavior.


Points of Contact (POC)

Chievres/SHAPE POC:
SFC Adam Blackwood,
DSN: 314-597-5569, Comm: +32 (0)68-25-5569

Kleine Brogel AB POC:
MSgt Yang Fuller,
TSgt Kyrsa Cooper,

Allowances Division Technical Contact

Jonathan Loewer, DSN: 312-372-1277, Comm: 571-372-1277