Joint Travel Regulations Changes

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TitleDescriptionEffective Date
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 13-24(I), Clarification of Electronic Travel System Authorization AuthorityThis item clarifies that travel authorizations produced in an electronic travel system are not required to use or reproduce a corresponding DD Form 1610 as long as the system contains all data elements required by FTR, Chapter 301, Appendix C. A printed copy of an electronic travel authorization is considered a valid order if it contains the data elements that would be included in a DD Form 1610.3/6/2024
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 12-24(I), Clarification of Rental Vehicle ExpensesThis item clarifies rental vehicle expenses that are reimbursable based on the U.S. Government Rental Car Agreement #5 with an implementation date of April 1, 2024.3/6/2024
UTD for MAP 9-24(I) -- Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) Recertification – Atlantic City, NJ (NJ196)This item extends the temporary lodging expense (TLE) extension recertification dates for the Atlantic City, NJ (NJ196) Military Housing Area (MHA). The initiating local command documented and certified the continued existence of a housing shortage on February 21, 2024.3/4/2024
UTD-CTD for MAP-CAP 104-23(I), Sustainable Transportation for Official Temporary Duty (TDY) TravelThis is a statutory (S) item implementing the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations Parts 301-10 and 301-70, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memorandum M-24-05 “Catalyzing Sustainable Transportation Through Federal Travel,” and Executive Order 14057, “Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs through Federal Sustainability.” FTR Bulletin 24-02, published in the Federal Register on December 18, 2023, states, “This bulletin clarifies existing regulations for determining the method of transportation that is most advantageous to the Government and encourages Federal travelers to make sustainable, cost-effective transportation choices when conducting official TDY travel.3/1/2024
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 8-24 (I) -- Add AFRICOM Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (FEML) Locations and DestinationsThis item updates the Joint Travel Regulation’s Authorized Funded Environmental and Morale Leave (FEML) Locations and Destinations supplement by designating five new AFRICOM locations.2/23/2024
UTD for MAP 6-24(I) Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) Recertification – Moody AFB, GA (GA081)This item extends the TLE extension recertification dates for the Moody AFB GA (GA081) Military Housing Area (MHA). The initiating local command documented and certified the continued existence of a housing shortage.2/15/2024
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 04-24(I), Remove Reference to Travel Modernization Pilot Program ExemptionThis item removes the Travel Modernization Pilot Program exemption for using Defense Table of Distances.1/31/2024
UTD for MAP 14-23(R), Child Care Reimbursement Incident to a Permanent Change of Station (PCS)This item implements a new pilot program pursuant by Section 627 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2023. In accordance with Section 627, the Secretary of Defense must carry out a pilot program to reimburse a member of the Armed Forces for travel and transportation expenses incurred by a child care provider during a permanent change of station (PCS) when child care is not available at a military child development center at the new permanent duty station (PDS) within 30 days of the Service member’s reporting date.1/30/2024
UTD-CTD for MAP-CAP 102-23(I), Add Language Clarifying Use of a Transportation Network Company (TNC)This item clarifies and expands the use of a Transportation Network Company (TNC) in the Joint Travel Regulations.1/30/2024
UTD for MAP 82-23(R), Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) Extension –Portsmouth, NH/Kittery, ME Military Housing Area (MHA) NH194Under JTR, par. 050601-B3, the Navy requested a TLE extension for the Portsmouth, NH/Kittery, ME MHA (NH194) because it has determined that the MHA is experiencing a housing shortage that prevents Service members from obtaining adequate permanent Government-owned, Government-controlled, privatized or private-sector rental housing.1/12/2024
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