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Joint Travel Regulations Changes

Changes to the JTR are published to DTMO's Policy & Regulations RSS feed.

TitleDescriptionEffective Date
UTD for MAP 9-24(I) -- Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) Recertification – Atlantic City, NJ (NJ196)This item extends the temporary lodging expense (TLE) extension recertification dates for the Atlantic City, NJ (NJ196) Military Housing Area (MHA). The initiating local command documented and certified the continued existence of a housing shortage on February 21, 2024.3/4/2024
UTD for MAP 60-22(R) Dover, DE TLE ExtensionThis item establishes the Dover, DE Military Housing Area (MHA) DE054 as a location to receive an extension of Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) under the authority in 37 U.S.C. § 452. Due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, installations are experiencing a housing shortage, which is extending the time period for incoming personnel to find housing.9/19/2022
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP – 20-23(E), Premium Class and Premium Economy DefinitionThis item edits JTR, pars. 020205, 031802, and Appendix A to incorporate the definition change of premium class accommodations, introduce premium economy airline accommodations as a class of service, and management controls related to the use premium class accommodations.6/1/2023
UTD-CTD for MAP-CAP 61-22(E) Examples of When Travel Management Company Cannot be ReachedThis item edits JTR, par. 020207 addressing the authority for an Authorizing Official to certify circumstances for reimbursement when a TMC cannot be reached.9/20/2022
UTD-CTD FOR MAP-CAP 46-22(E) TRAVEL MANAGEMENT COMPANY (TMC) CANNOT BE REACHED.PDFThis item edits JTR, par. 020207 addressing the authority for an Authorizing Official to certify circumstances for reimbursement when a TMC cannot be reached.7/19/2022
UTD for MAP 21-23(R), Increase Recruiter ExpensesThis item edits Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), pars. 020605 and 020606 to incorporate an increase to the reimbursement limits for recruiting expenses and monthly parking expenses.8/2/2023
UTD for MAP 27-22(R), “Gun Safe Transportation”This item creates authority for the transportation of empty gun safes, totaling up to 500 pounds, in addition to a Service member’s prescribed Household Goods (HHG) weight allowance, not to exceed 18,000 pounds, as authorized in 37 U.S.C. §453(c)(3).5/1/2022
UTD-CTD FOR MAP-CAP 46-21(R) ILP EXEMPTION FOR TVL SYS RETAINING GOVT LDG AVAIL DOC.PDFThis item creates an exemption from the Integrated Lodging Program (ILP) requirement to provide a certificate of non-availability number (CNA) for a travel system that retains documentation of Government quarters availability. Instead of requiring a CNA, the system will save documentation of Government quarters availability. The saved documentation will be available to the authorizing official to limit reimbursement if necessary.4/21/2022
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 27-24(I) Miscellaneous CorrectionsThis item corrects miscellaneous minor grammatical errors in the Joint Travel Regulations.5/1/2024
UTD-CTD for MAP-CAP 21-24(I) MISCELLANEOUS CORRECTIONSThis item corrects miscellaneous minor grammatical errors and updates the Table of Contents in the Joint Travel Regulations.4/1/2024
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