Joint Travel Regulations Changes

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TitleDescriptionEffective Date
UTD for MAP 68-23(R) TLE Extension Recertification for Vandenberg SFB CAExtends the TLE extension recertification dates for the Vandenberg SFB CA (CA026) Military Housing Area (MHA).7/20/2023
UTD for MAP 69-23(I), Update Table 1-7 approval authority for U.S. ArmyThis item clarifies who may authorize and approve TDYs of 180 days or more for Army Service members in JTR, par. 010206, Table 1-7.7/24/2023
UTD for MAP 21-23(R), Increase Recruiter ExpensesThis item edits Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), pars. 020605 and 020606 to incorporate an increase to the reimbursement limits for recruiting expenses and monthly parking expenses.8/2/2023
UTD for MAP 71-23(I) TLE Extension Recertification Holloman AFB NMExtends the TLE extension recertification dates for the Holloman AFB NM (NM205) MHA8/7/2023
UTD for MAP 73-23(I) TLE Extension Recertification Palmdale/Edwards AFB, CAExtends the TLE extension recertification dates for the Palmdale/Edwards AFB CA8/7/2023
UTD for MAP 72-23(I) TLE Extension Recertification Goldsboro/Seymour Johnson AFB, NCExtends the TLE extension recertification dates for the Seymour Johnson AFB NC (NC183) Military Housing Area (MHA).8/23/2023
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 79-23(E), Clarification of Reimbursable Lodging Expenses Associated with Rental or Lease of Nonconventional Lodging such as a Single-Family Home or ApartmentThis item clarifies JTR Paragraph 020303-G, indicating that rental or lease of a single-family home or apartment is considered long term lodging regardless of whether the lodging costs are accrued daily, weekly, or monthly. This item also clarifies Table 2-8,indicating that parking at a single-family home or apartment is considered part of the lodging cost and not separately reimbursable. This item also clarifies Table 2-16 fees, such as tourism, safe, service, or resort fees may only be reimbursed in conjunction with conventional lodging(hotel and motel establishments).10/19/2023
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 87-23(I), Evacuation Authority derived from Department of State (DoS) cableThis item clarifies that a Department of State (DoS) cable authorizing or ordering departure of eligible family members under chief of mission from an embassy does authorize the Secretary of Defense to do the same without further consultations.10/23/2023
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 89-23(I), Miscellaneous CorrectionsThis item removes Muster Duty information from JTR, par. 030302-C as this is governed by DoD FMR, Vol 7A, Chapter 58. This item also corrects miscellaneous minor errors throughout the JTR.10/31/2023
UTD/CTD for MAP/CAP 90-23(I), Additional Miscellaneous CorrectionsThis item corrects miscellaneous minor errors in MAP 85-23(S).10/31/2023
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