Fiscal Year Crossover Travel

The fiscal year for the Department of Defense (DoD) begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 the following calendar year. Fiscal year crossover is an annual process that impacts accounting systems during the end of the fiscal year. Some financial systems may be unavailable as online systems transition from one fiscal year to the next.

Affected Partner Systems

Since DTS is a system of systems, every system in the network may not available even if DTS as well as your accounting system are available. Download a schedule of affected financial partner systems [PDF, 1 page] to see expected downtimes and the next fiscal year transaction release dates.

DTS will be available to process travel documents, but you may experience accounting-related delays including settlement vouchers between the 26th of September and 15th of October. Contact your ODTA, FDTA, or LDTA for more information.

DTS Guides to FY Crossover