TAC Outreach Calls

The TAC hosts Outreach Calls to keep travelers informed of the latest developments related to the Defense Travel System, the Joint Travel Regulations, and other major travel programs. Calls are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at 0800 and 1300 ET. Upcoming calls, agenda items, and dial-in information are announced on TraX and through the TAC RSS Feed.

Presentation Slides

Travelers and travel administrators may download the slides used during TAC Outreach Call presentations below.

International Date Line (IDL) Travel2/8/2022
Introduction to Sustainable Defense Travel3/12/2024
Leave and TDY3/26/2024
Leave and TDY5/10/2022
Live Demonstration of Expenses Page5/12/2020
Live Demonstration of FY20 Expenses Release4/28/2020
Login Process and Profile Requirements6/9/2020
Long-Term TDY12/12/2023
Manual Abandon Process and Look Ahead4/14/2020
Meals and Meal Rates6/13/2023
Meals and Meal Rates11/9/2021
Organizational Clean-Up3/9/2021
Organizational Spring Cleaning4/26/2022
Other Authorizations and Pre-Audits12/14/2021
Other Authorizations and Pre-Audits3/28/2023
Other Authorizations and Pre-Audits Screen5/26/2020
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