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Travel AreaBase/Command or Location(s)StateBusiness Hours Phone NumberAfter Hours Phone NumberFAX NumberTMC Email AddressTMC Name
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEBARKSDALE AFBLA 833-801-0838833-801-0831 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCECAPE CANAVERAL SFSFL 833-801-0836833-801-0829 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEPATRICK SFBFL 833-801-0836833-801-0829 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEPETERSON SFBCO 833-801-0835833-801-0828 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEUS SPACE COMMANDCO 833-801-0835833-801-0828 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCESCHRIEVER SFBCO 833-801-0835833-801-0828 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEUSAF ACADEMYCO 833-801-0834833-801-0827 CI Travel
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEBUCKLEY SFBCO 833-801-0791833-801-0786 TRAVCO (Subcontractor of CI Travel)
SBTA-1 AIR FORCELOS ANGELES AFBCA 833-801-0790833-801-0785 TRAVCO (Subcontractor of CI Travel)
SBTA-1 AIR FORCEMALMSTROM AFBMT 833-801-0789833-801-0784 TRAVCO (Subcontractor of CI Travel)
SBTA-1 AIR FORCETUCSON ANGAZ 833-801-0788833-801-0783 TRAVCO (Subcontractor of CI Travel)
SBTA-2 USMCMARFORRES- NEW ORLEANSLA 640 206-1528844 496-8400marforres@ciazumano.comCI Travel
SBTA-2 USMCUSMC - BARSTOWCA 640-206-1369844 401 9224Barstow@ciazumano.comCI Travel
SBTA-2 USMCMCAS YUMAAZ 640 206-1364844 401-7975Yuma@ciazumano.comCI Travel
SBTA-3 AIR FORCEARNOLD AFBTN 855-888-4989  CI Travel
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