Look-Aheads for MyTravel Trainers

Guides and supplemental training materials that include yet-to-be-released system updates and expanded capabilities.

MyTravel Training Resources

A robust portfolio of MyTravel training resources exists to help you efficiently manage your organization's travel program and provide support and training to Travelers, Approvers, and Delegates.

Materials for Trainers include an instructor guide and presentation slides for training travelers and approvers, as well as slides focused on additional train-the-trainer support materials and considerations.

Materials for Travel Managers include presentation slides, guides, and companion materials that cover:

  • Travel Manager Overview
  • Employee Administration
  • Company Card Admin
  • Delegate, Proxy
  • Request Administrator, Expense Processor
  • Cognos Consumer
  • Handouts – Roles & Responsibilities, Create/Update a Profile, Scenario Challenges

Training Environment

Travel Managers and instructors can use the MyTravel Training Environment to facilitate introductory sessions and supplement knowledge learned in Foundation Training with hands-on demonstrations. Using a mock Travel Manager profile, users can create mock Traveler and Approver profiles as needed. Access to the MyTravel Training Environment must be requested and can take 1-4 weeks to process based on the number of requests.