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Overseas Housing Allowance

The Overseas Housing Program enables authorized Service members assigned to permanent duty overseas to lease privately-owned housing. The Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) is a cost-reimbursement allowance and is designed to offset housing costs. It includes three separate components: rent, utilities/recurring maintenance, and a move-in housing allowance (MIHA).

You must apply for OHA by completing DD Form 2367, the Individual Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Report [PDF, 2 pages]. The completed form must be returned to the appropriate official, together with a copy of your lease, for approval. If you qualify for MIHA/Rent, MIHA/Security, or MIHA/Infectious Disease you also must complete and submit DD Form 2556, the MIHA Claim Form [PDF, 2 pages].

OHA is paid in U.S dollars but rent, utilities, and move-in payments are typically paid in foreign currency. Learn more about currency fluctuations and adjustments.

Refer to the DoD Overseas Station and Housing Allowance Process Guide [PDF, 25 pages] for information on the OHA survey schedule, OHA Unique Expenses, and the responsibilities of the Country Allowance Coordinator.

To lookup rates, use the OHA calculator.

Rental allowances are computed using actual rent payments as reported through the local finance systems. The maximum rental allowances are set so that 80 percent of members with dependents have rents fully reimbursed. Some members are expected to pay some out-of-pocket amount. The housing costs of new arrivals are considered when adjusting rental allowances. Unaccompanied members or members without dependents are entitled to 90 percent of the with-dependent rate. All members are reimbursed for rent up to the amount of the lease or the allowance, whichever is less.

Rental Advances

The countries listed below are countries authorized for rental advances. Countries which previously had rental advance protection will continue to have rent protected locality codes in the OHA calculator until all members previously protected have relocated.

Location Date Established
Brazil FEB 1 2001
Columbia NOV 1 1998
Hong Kong SEPT 1 1998
Indonesia SEPT 1 1998
Jordan SEPT 16 2005
Philippines SEPT 1 1998
Thailand NOV 16 1997
United Arab Emirates APR 16 2003
Venezuela NOV 16 1998
Vietnam NOV 1 2006

The Utility/Recurring Maintenance Allowance is paid monthly to defray expenses paid directly to utility companies and expenses incurred from recurring maintenance and minor repairs for the leased residence. Expense data gathered from members receiving OHA and paying their own utility bills determines this allowance, set to cover the 80th percentile of reported costs. Members with utilities paid by the landlord do not receive this allowance; it is added to the rental allowance. Members without dependents and paying their own utilities, are entitled to 75 percent of the rate set for members with dependents.

Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA) partially defrays move-in costs associated with occupying privately leased quarters. This allowance is composed of five components: MIHA/Miscellaneous, MIHA/Rent, MIHA/Security, MIHA/Infectious Disease, and MIHA/Safety.

  • MIHA/Miscellaneous is an up-front, lump sum payment that reflects average expenditures to make dwellings habitable (e.g. transformers, supplemental heating equipment, wardrobes, electricity connection). Members with and without dependents receive the full allowance with their first OHA rental payment. This allowance does not cover any moving-out costs.
  • MIHA/Rent is a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement that covers all reasonable rent-related expenses. These are fixed, one-time, nonrefundable charges levied on behalf of the landlord or a foreign government that the Service member must pay before or upon occupying a dwelling. All unreasonable expenditures, as determined by the AO, must be disallowed. Expenses deferred until lease termination, advance rental payments, refundable deposits, or recurring costs are not included in MIHA/Rent. Homeowners are ineligible for MIHA/Rent.
  • MIHA/Security is a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement made for security related enhancements to the physical dwelling when quarters must be modified to minimize exposure to terrorist or criminal threat. Locations must be designated MIHA Security locations for this payment to be authorized.
  • MIHA/Infectious Disease is a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement for dwelling upgrades related to preventing infectious disease (e.g. window/door screens to reduce exposure to mosquitoes carrying the Zika Virus). Locations must be designated MIHA/Infectious Disease locations for this payment to be authorized.
  • MIHA/Safety covers reasonable safety-related expenses for a Service member assigned to an area where upgrades to the physical dwelling are required to comply with safety requirements in 15 Foreign Affairs Manual 971.1. See the DoD MIHA Process Guide for MIHA/Safety locations.

For more information, download the DoD Move-In Housing Allowance Process Guide [PDF, 9 pages]. To apply for MIHA/Rent, MIHA/Security, MIHA/Infectious Disease, or MIHA/Security, download DD Form 2556, the Move-in Housing Allowance Claim Form [PDF, 2 pages].

OHA Unique Expenses are paid to members in authorized locations who incur excessive housing expenses for items that a Service member based in the CONUS does not normally incur. Members who receive OHA must provide receipts to their finance offices in order to be reimbursed. For more information, review DoD FMR, Volume 7A, 260601-F [PDF, 116 pages].

Table 26-18. OHA Unique Expense Locations
Location Expense Effective Date
1 France Mandatory Habitation Tax, excluding late payment fees AUG 16, 2016
2 Denmark Mandatory expenses associated with completely refurbishing quarters upon departure OCT 10, 2017